Chinese mail order brides

How much does it cost to buy a Chinese mail order bride ?

chinese brides for saleThere are quite a few cost factors to be considered for finding a Chinese bride from China. If you are looking at finding love in Asia, it is necessary to do some serious number-crunching before you think about it seriously.

Let us look at the major costs that you shall incur when you decide to find a Chinese mail order bride:

  • Hotel Expenses
  • Flight expenses
  • Dating Expenses
  • Visa Expenses
  • Marriage Expenses
  • Miscellaneous costs

Hotel Expenses:  Hotels in China can be classified into three groups largely:

  1. Top Class
  2. Business Hotels
  3. Basic Hotels
  • Top Class: These hotels are basically the 5-star places that are full of world class amenities and are run by the best Hotel chains of the world. People from all around the world love these exclusive places and is frequented by all those who are able to afford their prices.
  • Business Hotels: Rated between 3 and 4 stars, Business Hotels are your best bet when you visit China for your Chinese Mail Order Bride. High-grade amenities and moderate prices are the best attractions of such hotel and you can surely impress your date for the evening by its lavish amenities.
  • Basic Hotels: This is the lowest level and suggest you do not look at these since they are infested with the hookers and prostitutes and you surely would not want to take your dating partner back to this place.


It is a great idea to check the various hotel booking sites or aggregators so that you can compare hotel rates and book as per your budget as you will have other expenses as mentioned above.

china-airlines-travelFlight Expenses: The maximum amount is spent on the travelling expenses that include the flight tickets and this is where you have to really explore options with Chinese Mail Order Bride expenses. If you are a resident of the Western world, especially Europe, US or Canada, then these costs could cut a huge hole in your expense pocket. Make sure you do not plan this trip during Christmas or New Year as the flight ticket prices really touch the top dollar, so choose a non-season time and save a substantial amount of money. The Gulf or Middle East Airlines are great money savers too.

heartsDating site costs: When you decide to explore the options for Chinese Mail Order Brides, the Dating site costs also have to be considered as they are going to be your lifeline in this case. Try to scan the web and eliminate the scamsters and con artists on the websites. This will save you a lot of heartburn and you can sail smoothly towards your dating companion from China.

  • At Asian Brides : Platinum Members are allowed to request 100 virtual e-mail addresses each month. There is a one time fee of 95 USD to become a Platinum Member and then it’s 29 USD a month.

Visa Expenses: Your Chinese Mail order Bride is going to cost you some serious money if you are planning to bring her to your home country as Visa expenses are pretty steep. For example the UK visa costs a huge sum if your fiancé is planning to accompany you back from China. Also all the documents need to be in place as this could take time and money and you surely do not want to delay the best times of your life.

china-brideMarriage Expenses: Now that you have made the decision to go ahead and spend the rest of your life with the Chinese Mail Order Brides, please factor in the marriage expenses like wedding gowns, wedding ceremony, etc. Maybe your bride can rent the wedding gown instead of purchasing the same outright.

Miscellaneous expenses: Your Chinese mail order brides family may want to accompany you to your country and this could incur a substantial expense. Also your bride’s stuff like memorabilia, dresses and personal effects could be huge and you may need to ship them. These costs also need to be considered.

Chinese women for marriage

Dating Chinese Girls

Russian women seeking foreign men for marriage

Dating Russian women

Russian girls and women seeking foreign men.According to the Russian woman, “Beauty is power and respect”. Looking good is not the passion for Russian girls, it’s their necessity. So, it is not unusual for the men from different parts of the world wanting to date the beautiful Russian girls. They sometimes travel to Russia with the hope of dating these beautiful Russian women. The women of Russia are also not unwilling to date these foreign men. Sometimes they themselves search for the single eligible foreign men to date.

Unlike the women of Russia, the men of Russia do not hold the good reputation.  They are accused of being alcoholic and sometimes violent. So, when it comes to searching for a suitable date, a single foreign man is held high in the list of the eligible bachelor for the Russian women.

While you are set to date a Russian woman, remember they are quite different from the western men. The dating rules you have followed so far may not be useful while you are dating a Russian woman. Russian women hold the view of love, life, family somewhat different from the women of the west. So, if you are planning to date a Russian girl, you may need to know a few things about Russian girl.

About Russian girls – What are Russian women like ?

The beauty of Russian girls is a perfect mix of East and west. They prefer the colors like rich gold, silver, red etc which are inspired by the east and they are obsessed with the fur coats. The Russian girls are beautiful and they know it. The main fact is Russian girls enjoy being beautiful.  So, if you are hooked with the near perfect beauty of your Russian girl, do tell her so. Also, don’t forget to remind her every day how beautiful she really is.

Nature and beliefs of Russian women

Nature wise, a Russian girl is warm and hospitable. The priority of Russian girls is always their family. They can look like the supermodels, but when it comes to the way of choosing somebody to date, their view is strictly traditional. For the permanent fixture of their life, they are looking for a man who is serious about love and life. Dating a Russian woman is not recommended if you are looking for just good time. If a Russian girl has chosen somebody to love, they just believe that the relationship is forever. They can be beautiful, but they are also fiercely loyal. So, they will expect the same from you. The majority of Russian Girls still believe in this traditional view of family and life. Remember, when you are choosing a Russian girl to date, don’t portray the modern and reckless view of life, even if you believe it.

What Russian women like about foreign men

The traditional view of a Russian family is the man of the family as the provider, and the women of the family as the homemaker devoted in the taking care of her husband, kids. So, when a Russian girl is choosing some men to date, some specific attributes of yours can impress her most.

  1. Russian girls like chivalry. Act like a perfect gentleman like pulling out her chair, or opening the car door and offering your hand and you are all set to win the heart of your Russian girl.
  2. Russian girls like the men who know their own mind. They like assertiveness in men. If you take the small decisions like choosing the restaurants, desserts you will be having, your Russian girl won’t mind.
  3. Russian girls are also very passionate and romantic. To charm a Russian girl, heart and flower always work.
  4. Although they prefer traditional men, they like men who support and respect the choices his girl.

The strong yet very feminine beauties of Russia are the perfect examples of the “Girl Power”, which can rule the whole world. If you really want a chance with these strong and beautiful girls of this world, the main key is to be charming and honest.

Russian Brides - Mail order brides from Russia

Chinese women looking for Western men

Chinese brides – Mail order brides from China

Why Chinese women fall in love with western men

 Chinese Brides - Mail order brides from ChinaYou hear a lot of things about Chinese women. When your friends rave about the beauty and intelligence of their Chinese girlfriends you also wish that you had one. However, you also come across blogs that portray Chinese women in a different light. These blogs accuse the Chinese girls of being greedy and marrying foreigners only to move out of their country. Whom to believe? Would you date a Chinese woman or stay away from her? Let’s find out the truth.

Let’s admit the fact that most of the accusations heaped on Chinese women are due to the cultural differences. Most western people harbor wrong ideas about Chinese culture and tradition and assume that the women try to find rich husbands for material benefits only. However, the fact is that Chinese economy being a growing one is going through a lot of changes. The women are educated and mostly find employment in the big cities. The orthodox Chinese families still want their daughters to get married early which make the girls look for grooms at an early age.

Most of the girls being liberated have developed a love for western values, so they do not want to get married to their male counterparts as Chinese men are not romantic and do not show respect to their wives.

Hence Chinese women look towards the west for suitable grooms. Here are the reasons that make a Chinese beauty date a western man and get settled with him.

Love for life and other things beautiful

Chinese women fall in love with western men because of their attitude towards life. Most men who visit China to find a groom do so because they are adventurous. They do not believe in only working hard and making money. Their love for romance, traveling and a desire to enjoy life attracts Chinese girls.

The broad outlook of westerners make Chinese women fall for them

Chinese Girl - Girls from China for datingIt is not easy for a divorced woman with kids to get married to a loving husband easily in China. The traditional values still prevalent in the country restrict people from accepting such relationships. However, to men from overseas such things do not matter. Most Chinese women with past relationships find it easier to get into relationships with western men. The modern western men help them to get over the past and enjoy life again. This wins the heart of mature Chinese women who look for stable relationships.

Physical looks and manner matters to Chinese women

Western males are tall and fair with sharp features. They usually take care of themselves and these appeals to the Chinese girls. Moreover, western men are open and direct when it comes to expressing themselves. Chinese women find these attractive too.

The Chinese women find the western family setup comfortable

In orient, parents play a major role in the lives of their children. Starting from whom to marry to how to spend your money, most parents are involved in all aspects of their kids’ lives. They even stay with their kids after marriage. However, in the west the situation is quite the opposite. When the children get adult, they move out of the parents’ house and lead an independent life. The parents never intrude in the lives of the children. The Chinese women find this aspect of family life quite comfortable as they can lead a life of their own with their western partners which is impossible in China.

Western men want to fall in love with a Chinese girl

Be it going to different places for vacationing or trying new poses in bed, western men are always open to new ideas. Chinese women find this very interesting. They can live their fantasies with a partner from overseas easily.More and more Chinese women are finding love of their lives in western men. The positive attitude, open and broad mentality and love for excitement are making western men popular with Chinese girls.

Find Asian women, Thai brides, Asian Girls and Thai ladies at Thai Brides online. Meet Beautiful Thai Singles and sexy Thailand girls for marriage and love.

Find Asian women, Thai brides, Asian Girls and Thai ladies at Thai Brides online. Meet Beautiful Thai Singles and sexy Thailand girls for marriage and love.

Marrying a Thai woman – a guide for foreign men

Marrying a Thai woman ?

Why it is mutually beneficial and how online dating sites can help you

The global dating scene is changing very fast. Increasingly both men and women are taking interest in marrying partners from overseas. Western men are looking for brides in far off countries like Latvia, Peru and even Thailand. In fact, if you check online dating sites, you will find most matches being made between Thai girls and western men. Do you wonder why men are falling for Thai girls? Should you also get a Thai bride for yourself? Let’s explore.

Marrying a Thai girl – what’s in store for you

Want a Thai Bride? Find Beautiful Thai Girls for Marriage.Thai girls are in general very sweet. They are traditional, hard working, and serious about their family and partner too. They make good wives because they take good care of their husbands. They are quite simple and genuine. Unlike western women, Thai girls are not aggressive. They look and act feminine. They love to dance, party and have fun. When it comes to marriage, they show respect for their partners. In Thai culture marriage is considered sacred thus the girls take it seriously. They remain devoted to their partners.

When you marry a Thai girl, you would get a Thai visa which would enable you to visit this beautiful country often. You can enjoy your holidays in Thailand along with your bride. Your wife can also travel to your country and thus both of you can have the best of both worlds.

While most marriages in Western countries end in divorces, the rate is drastically low in Thailand because people try their best to save the relationships. So, when you marry a Thai girl, the chance of having a happy marriage is quite higher.

Why Thai girls fall for foreign men ?

Thai girls also show interest in marrying foreigners for various reasons. Thai girls look for stability in life. They want to feel secured both emotionally and financially. Thai men with their drinking habits and promiscuous behavior do not make ideal partners. Moreover most marriages in Thailand are decided by the parents due to factors like property or money. So young and modern Thai girls find the system disgraceful and try to find their own partners.

With online dating sites, they can easily find partners with whom they can have fun. The overseas men are usually more established and thus can provide financial stability that Thai women look for.

Apart from these, Thai women with darker skin are looked down upon in their society. By marrying foreigners with white skin they give birth to children with fairer skin and thus regain their respect in the society.

Online dating sites for Thai brides

Thai Girl | Thai women for datingThere are many dating sites dedicated to dating Thai girls only. Most of these are authentic which maintain huge databases of Thai girls who want to date and marry men from other countries.

You can get registered in these sites and search for Thai girlfriends who match your taste. Chat with them and try to know them closely. With hundreds of young and elegant Thai girls you would surely find the one whom you want to date.

It is not unlikely that online dating with a Thai beauty would take you to Thailand. Most men who travel to Thailand end up marrying a Thai girl.

We advise you to learn more about Thailand and its culture so that your Thailand tour becomes fulfilling. You can also surprise your girlfriend with your knowledge. She would be impressed to know that you have taken the trouble to know her tradition and culture honestly.

Thais are hard working people and quite conventional. Once you know your girlfriend closely you may tie the knot with her. The online dating sites contain hundreds of such successful stories of foreigners marrying Thai girls and leading a happy life. Become one of them and find true happiness in life with your Thai bride.

Largest Dating Site in Thailand. Meet Thai Women or a Thai Bride in Thailand. Thai women seek marriage on the internet. Meet & Date Thailand women, Thai girls.

Largest Dating Site in Thailand. Meet Thai Women or a Thai Bride in Thailand. Thai women seek marriage on the internet. Meet & Date Thailand women, Thai girls.

The Rise of International Dating

Where single Men can meet single foreign Women

With the popularity of the internet, online dating has also become popular. Plenty of foreign men use the international dating sites to interact with mail order brides. By the term mail order brides, we mean beautiful women from different countries who are looking for a well-established foreign man.

The reason why international dating has become so popular is because foreign men are not happy with the women of their own cities and countries. They are looking for younger women who know the importance of family and relationships. Basically, they are looking for women who are not highly influenced by feminism. Women in America and Canada are strict believers in the concept of feminism. They demand equality in every field. They would never compromise on their career for raising children. They definitely value love, but not at the cost of their independence.


Due to these factors, many Western men cannot find happiness with a Western woman. The international dating agencies help them to find a potential bride, who is beautiful and much younger than them. You can find plenty of international dating agencies where beautiful women from different countries sign up for finding foreign men. The business of international dating is prospering with every passing day.

If you are lonely and if you cannot find a suitable partner in your city, you don’t have to worry any more. You just need to take the help of the internet. The internet age is a blessing for lonely, middle-aged bachelors. They can have access to plenty of lovely women who are waiting for a well-established foreign man.

Let’s look at the TOP 10 countries that offer beautiful mail-order brides:

  1. Russia: The first country that offers plenty of beautiful mail-order brides is Russia. Russian women are educated and intelligent. They have knowledge about different cultures and can speak a couple of foreign languages. They take care of their appearance and like to present themselves well.


  1. The Philippines: The Filipina women have exotic features that make them the best looking Asian women. Many Filipino women have won beauty pageants because of their incredible good looks. They are very family-oriented. They are faithful to their husbands and they would not mind being submissive.


  1. Colombia: In the South American countries, Colombia tops the list in providing mail-order brides. The Latin women are gorgeous and mysterious. They are multicultural and intelligent. They are looking for a foreign husband because Latin men are quite famous for their infidelity.

colombian girl - Latin girls for dating

  1. Dominican Republic: It is the only Caribbean country that offers mail-order brides. Women of this country are known to be great cooks. They are also humble and submissive.


  1. Ukraine: Women of Ukraine are extremely beautiful. They are also smart and highly educated. They have a sensual Slavic accent that many foreign men find attractive.

Ukrainian girl for romance, marriage, dating

  1. Thailand: Thai women have exotic features. They are looking for foreign men because of the poor economic condition of their country. You can plenty of mail-order brides from Thailand.

Thai girl- Thai women seek foreign men

  1. India: You can also get beautiful mail-order brides from India. There are some Indian women who want to settle in a foreign country with a well-established foreign man.


  1. China: Foreign men who are looking for classic Asian beauty should check out the Chinese mail order brides. They are less worldly, but are very loving and caring. Therefore, they make great wives.


  1. Brazil: Brazilian mail-order brides are hot and sexy. They have well-toned bodies and great fitness level. They are also highly educated and are very independent.


  1. Vietnam: Vietnam women are elegant. They have exotic features and refined manners. They are also delicate and caring.


The business of international dating is prospering with every year. So, if you want a young, beautiful and a caring bride, you must interact with women in the international dating sites.

Successful dating with Philippine women

Meet & Date Philippine Women

Philippines ladies are desirable. There are plenty of foreign men who dream of dating Filipina women. If you know a few simple tips, then you can surely be successful in dating Philippine women. You can find gorgeous Philippine women from all parts of Philippines such as Manila, Davao, Cebu, Quezon and Caloocan. You can also find Philippine women in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

If you want to interact with beautiful Philippine women, you have to register in a nice Filipina dating site, such as Their dating site has a good reputation and is one of the oldest Asian dating sites. You can meet some of the most amazing Philippine women through this Filipina dating site.

Filipino girl for datingFilipina brideAsian bridesThai brides

You need to create a good profile on the dating site mentioning some information about you. You should also upload a couple of your latest photographs. If you are able to create an interesting profile, many Philippine women will show interest in you. The information that you will put on the dating site can only be seen by the prospective Asian brides.

Philippine women are very friendly and communicative. You can know about each other’s likes and dislikes by communicating with each other. If both of you like each other, you can take your relationship to the next level by meeting each other in person.

If you are not sure how to find success in the online dating world with Philippine women, you should read some online articles to know about the photos that you should upload for a better impression and the questions that you should ask while interacting with a woman online.

What’s special about Philippine women?

Asian women seeking men for dating & marriage
The most special thing about Philippine women is their exotic beauty. American and European men get attracted to the exotic features of Philippine women. When you come across a Philippine woman, the first thing that will grab your attention is her stunning figure. Her feminine features are extremely attractive. She is not very tall and slender. The primary characteristics of Filipino women are their brown twinkling eyes, brown hair and tanned skin.

The Western women are convinced that they cannot compromise their career and ambitions for the sake of love and family. The Philippine women, on the other hand, understand the importance of a warm, cozy family much more than a Western woman. She would love to work outside home, but she will never ignore her family for work. She is very feminine, neat and hardworking. These qualities of Philippine women make them the ideal choice for Western men.

There is a reason why Philippine women are this way. In their country, it is believed that a man is a breadwinner, whereas a woman is a homemaker. Therefore, they are not affected by the concept of feminism. They would love to take care of their home and children. They are extremely faithful to their husbands. They would always show respect to their husband.

Most Philippine women would like to marry someone who is older than her as she believes that older men are more mature and well-established. Philippine women are very affectionate, loving and gentle. Most of them do not smoke and drink. They are very wise and understanding. They are peace loving and therefore, they would always try to resolve any problem occurring in the family. The Philippine women are also very fashionable and they love to dress up for their husbands.

Men Seeking Foreign Brides Online
Their gentle nature and their stunning beauty make them perfect wives. You just need to be polite, gentle and well-established to win the heart of a Philippine woman. You should show your interest in the history and culture of her country. If you marry a Filipina woman, your life will be filled with love and happiness.

Chinese brides for marriage

Chinese Brides – Mail order brides from China

sexy-asian-girlsChinese women are one of a kind. They are different yet amazing. Many foreign men want to marry Chinese women for several reasons. If you are interested to marry a beautiful Chinese bride, you must take a romance tour to China. You may find your soulmate there. By taking a romance tour to China, you can meet and interact with the stunning women of China.

The thing that makes Chinese women so cherished and desirable is their old world traditional values of family and marriage. The Chinese women are also very sophisticated individuals with oodles of charm. The combination of new world charm along with old world values makes the Chinese woman so unique. Moreover, her exotic looks would surely attract you towards her. Chinese brides are exotic women and you have to meet them in order to understand their personality.

If you date a Chinese woman, you will surely be enthralled by her magnetic personality. A romance tour to China will definitely be a great thing for you because you would be able to meet plenty of stunning Chinese women. It will be an amazing experience to be in a room filled with Chinese women who are equally interested in meeting you.

Chinese bridesChinese girl for marriageChinese woman for dating

The Shenzhen, China Romance Trip is gaining popularity with every passing day. Hundreds of Western men sign up for the trip to discover love. Chinese women seek love, romance and security. If you pamper a Chinese woman with your love and attention, she will surely want to get settled with you. Therefore, if you desire to find a perfect Chinese bride for yourself, you must take the Shenzhen China Romance Trip.

Let’s look at the facilities that are included in the romance trip:

  • First of all, you get to attend two fully catered, large Socials where some beautiful Chinese women will be invited to meet you exclusively.
  • You get to stay in a wonderful hotel in Shenzhen, China.
  • You are introduced to plenty of Chinese women. The number of personal introductions is unlimited.
  • At both the socials, complimentary interpreters will accompany you and therefore, you don’t have to stress even a bit about the language barrier.
  • Airport pickup will be provided.
  • Daily breakfast will be provided.
  • You would be provided with one hotel area and one city orientation tour.
  • You would be provided with 24 hour guidance and hospitality from the staff.

Thus, you can see that the Shenzhen, China Romance Trip has some great facilities. You would be able to spend 7 days and 6 nights in the gorgeous city of Shenzhen. It is definitely one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world and therefore you can expect to have a great time there. It is a very exciting tour.


Shenzhen, China

A Chinese bride can be the dream woman that you are searching since a long time. They are extremely beautiful and endearing. If you have ever wanted to meet an exotic Chinese woman, you should sign up for this exciting tour right away. During your stay in Shenzhen, you will attend the two socials where you can interact with many young, beautiful Chinese women.

The women whom you will meet in the socials are also looking for their dream man. You have a high chance of finding true love in this romance tour. The staff will constantly take care of your needs and will ensure that you have a great time in Shenzhen. They will arrange dates, organize day excursions and make dinner reservations for you, whenever you need.

This Asian romance tour can change the direction of your life and lead you towards happiness. Give yourself a chance to discover love. Chinese brides make great wives.

Meet beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage

Ukrainian Brides for Marriage

Ukrainian girls are one of a kind. The best thing about Ukrainian girls is that almost all of them are beautiful, but not like typical models. They have a different appearance and something about them is so enchanting that you cannot help but get attracted to them. The several marriage agencies of Ukraine boast of the rich beauty of the Ukrainian girls. Therefore, if you are searching for a gorgeous woman, you must check out the Ukrainian girls. The men who interact with the Ukrainian girls through the marriage agencies of Ukraine find it hard to believe that there are so many good looking women in Ukraine. They are surprised by the beauty of the Ukrainian girls. Some of them also presume that it is a trick of the marriage agencies.

Gallery of Beautiful and Sincere Ukrainian Girls
However, once you go to Ukraine, you will understand that it is not a trick. Ukrainian girls are truly beautiful and you can see plenty of beauty on the streets of Ukraine. The single men travelling to Ukraine also get nervous thinking that how they should behave with such gorgeous women.

There is nothing to get nervous because Ukrainian girls are not arrogant because of their beauty. They are extremely friendly and endearing. The easy going attitude of Ukrainian girls makes them so unique and different. Ukrainian girls have a wide variety of interests. You can find different Ukrainian girls with different interests. Some of them might like books and pets whereas some others might like mountain bikes and sports. You can come across a Ukrainian girl who is into terrier breeding. You can also meet a young Ukrainian girl who is developing her own business. Therefore, there is a high chance of meeting a Ukrainian girl who will be perfectly compatible with you. Plenty of Ukrainian girls become members of the several dating agencies. Most of these girls are very educated and intelligent, apart from being beautiful. They take good care of their looks and appearance. You will seldom find a Ukrainian girl who is messy and unpolished. Most of the Ukrainian girls who are members of dating agencies take immense pride in looking young for their age.

Ukraine women for marriage

You will be surprised when you would read in the profile of a slender, young looking girl that she is thirty five. Do not think that the lady has posted an old picture. It is an absolute new picture. Ukrainian women look younger and it is really very tough to guess their age. All Ukrainian girls are not interested in fashion, but all of them know how to carry themselves well in whatever they wear. There are many Ukrainian girls who do not spend a lot on buying the latest trendy clothes and yet they manage to look elegant. There are also many Ukrainian girls who are extremely fashion conscious and they look stylish always. Not only in looks, but there are differences in the character of several Ukrainian girls too. Some of them are extrovert, whereas some are introvert. You can find Ukrainian girls who are open minded and do not shy away from showing their expressions. You can also find Ukrainian girls who are thoughtful and calmer.

Verified Ukrainian women and girls seeking true love

Search for Ukrainian girls for marriage

Most of the Ukrainian girls are fond of travelling. They also love to spend time with their families. For Ukrainian women, family is a very important thing. They are very traditional compared to women in the Western countries. This quality of theirs attracts a lot of Western men to them. For a Ukrainian girl, having a lovely family is an integral part of a successful life. It’s not only because of their beauty that Ukrainian girls are considered unique. Due to their caring and easy going Nature, Ukrainian girls are considered different.

Marriage tours to China & Introductions

China Love Tours for Single Western Men

Are you looking for a lifetime partner ? Chinese women women are among the most beautiful, sincere and devoted women on the planet. Thousands of single Chinese women are looking for a better life in the West. We offer tours to China that allow you to meet hundreds of beautiful Chinese ladies looking for husbands. You will meet ladies of China during a series of social events which will allow you to mingle and get to know the Chinese women of your dreams.


Find your Chinese woman during a Shenzhen China tour


Chinese marriage tours are the complete package. They include Transfers to and from the Airport, Hotel accommodations, Unlimited Personal Introductions, Complimentary interpreters provided at all Socials Events, 24 hour hospitality and guidance from our staff, etc. A Romance tour to Shenzhen in China, 7 day trip starts at 1995 USD. Make an open Reservation. By placing an Open Reservation, you can begin corresponding with many Chinese women in anticipation of having the opportunity to soon meet them when you determine your tour dates to China. You may set a tentative tour date now or leave it open completely until you are certain of your schedule. There is no penalty for switching tour dates.

Asian Love Tour Schedule  Print Schedule
Select Marriage Tour Cities From To Days Cost
Open Reservation $475
Cebu Phillippines January 26th February 1st 7 Days / 6 Nights $2,195.00
Cebu Phillippines January 26th February 4th 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,595.00
Cebu Phillippines January 26th February 8th 14 Days / 13 Nights $3,095.00
Davao Phillippines March 9th March 15th 7 Days / 6 Nights $2,195.00
Davao Phillippines March 9th March 18th 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,595.00
Davao Phillippines March 9th March 22nd 14 Days / 13 Nights $3,095.00
Shenzhen China March 23rd March 29th 7 Days / 6 Nights $1,995.00
Shenzhen China March 23rd April 1st 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,395.00
Cebu Phillippines August 24th August 30th 7 Days / 6 Nights $2,195.00
Cebu Phillippines August 24th September 2nd 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,595.00
Cebu Phillippines August 24th September 6th 14 Days / 13 Nights $3,095.00
Davao Phillippines October 5th October 11th 7 Days / 6 Nights $2,195.00
Davao Phillippines October 5th October 14th 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,595.00
Davao Phillippines October 5th October 18th 14 Days / 13 Nights $3,095.00
Shenzhen China November 23rd November 29th 7 Days / 6 Nights $1,995.00
Shenzhen China November 23rd December 2nd 10 Days / 9 Nights $2,395.00
*If you can’t make a tour date, try our personal tours, anytime! Click here for more information about our Asian Club .
Asian Brides is one of the most popular international datingsites where men and women from China can meet and date.

Asian Brides is one of the most popular international datingsites where men and women from China can meet and date.

Do you want to meet with sexy Chinese girls - join our romance tour to China and find your soul mate, meet your Asian bride.

Do you want to meet with sexy Chinese girls – join our romance tour to China and find your soul mate, meet your Asian bride.

For the men seeking Chinese women for marriage, is the best choice, 1000s of quality single Chinese girls.

For the men seeking Chinese women for marriage, is the best choice, 1000s of quality single Chinese girls.

Chinese Brides - Mail order brides from China - China Brides

Chinese Brides – Mail order brides from China – China Brides

Chinese women are attracted to western men

Chinese women looking for love and marriage

Meet beautiful Chinese women. Chinese brides. Hundreds of photos and profiles of women seeking romance, love and marriage. Beautiful Chinese girls are looking for LOVE. Maybe they’re looking for you ?

chinese woman for love, relationshipchinese girls matchmaking

Meet more than 40,000 sexy Chinese Ladies who Want to Find an American or European man for marriage, dating and relationships. All these Chinese women are really looking for love and the desire to find a husband from the West. Asian brides is an international Asian dating agency offering contact with single Asian women. Meet single women from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vietnam. Asian Brides also arrange Romance tours and Marriage tours to China. Meet Chinese women in China during your trip to China. Attend face to face meetings, meet Chinese girls and women, get acquainted, choose your potential Chinese bride in China.

Find hot Chinese brides who are dreaming about hooking up with a nice guy just like you !
Chinese Mail Order Brides – Find perfect Chinese beauties!