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Chinese girls for matchmaking and dating

The best Chinese dating site to meet women online

China is one of the world’s fastest-developing countries, and online dating is as popular as elsewhere. Looking for foreign men online is also becoming more popular among Chinese singles. However, because many renowned dating apps and websites are not available in China, you won’t be able to find many Chinese girls on those apps and websites.

If you want to meet Chinese women, an international dating service is your safest choice. The audience for these services may not be as large as the number of women on conventional dating sites, but all the female profiles you see are genuine. More significantly, they want to date and marry Western men, so you’re in harmony.

Tips on How to Date a Chinese Woman

Dating a Chinese girl is something you must do if you would like to get to know Chinese women well, whether you have serious plans or something more informal. You will need to conduct your research to grasp the dating culture in China further, but these dating guidelines are an excellent place to start.

  1. If possible, be patient. Chinese ladies don’t want to appear too simple or eager to date a foreigner. That is why they can be challenging at first; therefore, you should always ask for a second time, even if you receive a negative response the first time.
  2. From the start, the relationship should be personal. Things are slightly different in Western culture, but in China, a man-woman relationship has always been private. That implies you should cease seeing other ladies as soon as your romance begins.
  3. Honor her culture to the fullest. Although Chinese culture is not well-known in the West and is quite complex, it is crucial to avoid making any remarks or judgments about it that may harm your woman’s feelings while learning more about it.
  4. Let your gifts stand out. China is one of the countries where amorous souvenirs and other presents are essential, particularly in a new relationship. On the other hand, a traditional gift will not wow your girlfriend, and you will need to think about it.
  5. Find activities that you both enjoy. It’s acceptable for two people from different countries and backgrounds to have distinct likes and interests. Nevertheless, for a relationship to work, you both should cherish it.
  6. Embrace her invitation to spend time with family. Chinese women are overly attached to their relatives and would undoubtedly want to hear their parents’ thoughts on you before making the engagement formal. This meeting is crucial because it is your sole opportunity to make a solid first impression.

The cost of Chinese mail-order brides

When you explore different dating platforms, you are confronted with the issue of soaring prices. Because Chinese brides are not for sale, men cannot purchase a woman from another country who advertises herself on a dating site. One of the most common myths is that you can’t buy a bride. Everything you can do is invest in dating services on internet sites. There are numerous dating platforms where you can contact any Chinese woman. They provide you with easy-to-use tools, like Messenger and video chat. You keep the communication going with them and fall in love with the person of your dreams.

Several factors, such as determining the cost:

  • Cost of membership (annual cost, the time you’ll be a member)
  • The number of romantic trips you make to meet your potential wife.
  • Hotels, restaurants, gifts, and entertainment
  • VISA, fiancé visa, travel documents, and applicable fees.
  • Maybe you’ll need more meetings with single women to find the right one.
  • Translations.

Each cost varies, but getting a Chinese mail-order wife will average between $5,000 and $25,000. This sum is affordable for Western men, who are prepared to pay even more for the opportunity to begin an exciting romance with such an appealing woman. No matter how much you pay once, the everlasting pleasure of marrying a caring Chinese lady is unquestionably valuable.

Options for online dating and membership plans

Western men looking for a Chinese wife should join a reliable Asian dating site. Primarily, these Asian dating sites provide both free and paid features. Because free guests have limited opportunities, you must become a full-fledged site member if your intentions are serious.

Simple membership packages for a limited time or full membership with a specific credit are available on dating services. Prices vary depending on the dating platform. Monthly memberships for online services can run from $30 to $500. Furthermore, it is worth investing in the secure and high-level benefits if you use free solutions.

The more functions you use, the more chances you have of winning the heart of a sexy Chinese woman. Online dating sites provide all the necessary options to ensure your virtual interaction is smooth and enjoyable.

Chinese woman for love, relationship

Recommended Asian bride website:, founded in 1995, offers all-inclusive solutions to cross-cultural relationships worldwide, including singles from Asia, South America, Europe, and other regions. Members can browse ladies’ profiles that match their interests and use pay-to-use methods such as mail, live chat, and love calls to find their perfect match. Its services include dating, gifts, visa assistance, and romance tours.

Please remember that the dating site requires users to purchase a membership to chat with women, and each conversation costs some credits.

Check out the following features:

  • Signing up is simple and free.
  • Members are more engaged than on any other website.
  • Every day, many female members are online.
  • You must pay to communicate with other members.
  • Most members are women from China, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  • There are live chats, phone calls, and video chats available.
  • Everyone can have a free account.

Best value membership at

Platinum Membership is the highest level of service and represents the best value!

The following savings and benefits are available to Platinum Members:

  • Discounts of $2.50 per letter for Express Mail! Non-Platinum members pay $9.99 per letter, while Platinum members pay only $7.49 with translation!
  • Discounts of $2.00 per minute on three-way phone translation! Non-platinum members pay $5.99 per minute, whereas Platinum members pay only $3.99 per minute!
  • Free access to all Women’s Videos! All Profile Videos are available to all Platinum members at no additional cost. Non-Platinum members must pay for each video.
  • Each monthly renewal fee of $29.95 will be applied to a full Singles Tour of your choice! Your FULL membership fee will be credited to your tour credit balance each month if you are a Platinum Member. Use your tour credits to pay for any full romance tour you want; it’s like getting your Platinum Membership and all the benefits it entails for free!

The activation fee for your Platinum membership is only $95.00, and the monthly charge to stay a Platinum member and receive all discounts and tour credits is only $29.95. After becoming a Platinum Member, the monthly renewal fee for continued access to the Express Mail and Phone Translation Discounts and Romance Tour Credits is only $29.95, automatically billed to your credit card each month. The savings you will receive by merely mailing a few letters or making a few phone calls will more than balance the low monthly Platinum renewal charge of only $29.95, plus the entire $29.95 monthly renewal fee is deposited towards a complete romance tour! If you plan to communicate with any of the lovely ladies featured on this website, a Platinum membership is a must!

What You Need to Know about Asian Romance Tours

To begin, we must define exactly what dating tours are. Wiki says they are “the trips men take to find a partner” (in most cases, a serious relationship, particularly marriage). A successful romance tour will result in meeting men’s and women’s most essential expectations for a life partner. This definition describes the character of such journeys. However, it fails to provide details on how the industry functions or what foreign men can anticipate during their travels. This article will focus on that very topic. Read about Asian dating tours, including the most common itineraries and types.

Asian romance tour destinations

🇹🇭 If you’re looking for a Thai bride, a romantic trip to Thailand is a great option. Romance tours like these cater to Western men looking for wives who are more submissive, mellow, and family-oriented.

🇵🇭 The Philippines is a top choice for couples looking to take a romantic vacation in Asia. Finding dating agencies that can help you plan a romantic getaway to the Philippines, where meeting a Filipino lady for marriage is easy and fun, is not difficult.

🇨🇳 China: A Chinese romance tour is also popular among those interested in marrying women with great cultural backgrounds, and Chinese women are well-known for their fixation on beauty.

Do you want to go on a Thailand dating tour? Thailand romance tours are some of the most affordable and exotic in all of Asia, and they give you access to thousands of single women looking for foreign husbands.

Asian Romance Tour Schedule 2024

Select Romance Tour Cities From To Days Cost
If You’re Undecided Open Reservation
Choose Later Choose Later Choose Later $475

Cebu Philippines

January 27 February 2 7 days/6 nights $3395

Cebu Philippines

January 27 February 5 10 days/9 nights $3795

Cebu Philippines

January 27 February 9 14 days/13 nights $4295

Davao Philippines

March 2 March 8 7 days/6 nights $3395

Davao Philippines

March 2 March 11 10 days/9 nights $3795

Davao Philippines

March 2 March 15 14 days/13 nights $4295

Bangkok Thailand

April 20 April 26 7 days/6 nights $3095

Bangkok Thailand

April 20 April 29 10 days/9 nights $3495

Bangkok Thailand

April 20 May 3 14 days/13 nights $3895

Cebu Philippines

May 4 May 10 7 days/6 nights $3395

Cebu Philippines

May 4 May 13 10 days/9 nights $3795

Cebu Philippines

May 4 May 17 14 days/13 nights $4295

Shenzhen China

June 8 June 14 7 days/6 nights $3195

Shenzhen China

June 8 June 17 10 days/9 nights $3595

Shenzhen China

June 8 June 21 14 days/13 nights $3995

Cebu Philippines

August 17 August 23 7 days/6 nights $3395

Cebu Philippines

August 17 August 26 10 days/9 nights $3795

Cebu Philippines

August 17 August 29 14 days/13 nights $4295

Bangkok Thailand

August 24 August 29 7 days/6 nights $3095

Bangkok Thailand

August 24 September 2 10 days/9 nights $3495

Bangkok Thailand

August 24 September 7 14 days/13 nights $3895

Davao Philippines

October 5 October 11 7 days/6 nights $3395

Davao Philippines

October 5 October 14 10 days/9 nights $3795

Davao Philippines

October 5 October 18 14 days/13 nights $4295

Shenzhen China

November 16 November 22 7 days/6 nights $2995

Shenzhen China

November 16 November 25 10 days/9 nights $3395

Shenzhen China

November 16 November 29 14 days/13 nights $3795

Davao Philippines

December 7 December 13 7 days/6 nights $3395

Davao Philippines

December 7 December 16 10 days/9 nights $3795

Davao Philippines

December 7 December 20 14 days/13 nights $4295

Consult a reliable Asian romance tour agency before embarking on a trip to Asia in search of your ideal Asian (Chinese, Korean, Thai, or Philippine) future wife. When doing so, it’s essential to evaluate the company’s track record, client satisfaction, and level of professionalism. For instance, the United States-based marriage and romance travel agency advertises romantic trips in Thailand that include the following amenities and services:

  • Two large social events with full catering and invitation-only guest lists.
  • Hotel Rooms.
  • Free Confidential Introductions.
  • Interpreters are available at no cost during all Socials.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Daily Breakfast.
  • An Introduction to the Local Area and City.
  • Assistance and hospitality from our staff are available at any time.
  • In-house complimentary interpreting services.
  • It includes 1 month’s Platinum Membership.
Contrast the upsides and downsides of visiting potential mail-order brides on a romance tour

Examine the primary gains and difficulties associated with romance tours:


  • The travel package purchased included lodging, breakfast, transportation, and activities. There is nothing to be concerned about at this time.
  • You can meet girls you meet online in person. Informing the agents of your feelings for someone will allow them to arrange a meeting.
  • This is a great chance to learn more about the history of women. A person’s cultural upbringing is crucial to their development. Furthermore, gaining insight into the region’s customs will be fascinating.
  • Dating tours are a fantastic way to have a fun time. The tour agency can set up everything from parties to candlelit dinners to ensure your trip is one of the books.
  • A trained translator is standing by if you need help understanding the conversation. If there is a language barrier, it will be easily overcome.
  • There is no chance of being defrauded. You can rest assured that the women you meet on your matchmaking trip are genuine dating service users.


  • In a romance tour, two or more men may try to win the affection of the same woman. You’ll need all your charisma and self-assurance to win over the most stunning woman.
  • Traveling in this manner can be costly. The price may seem high, but it covers everything you need during your stay in the country of your choice.


It is not difficult to find someone to love. And, thanks to the online dating world, it’s at your fingertips. All you have to do is go online and get started. You now know what to do because of this guide. You also suggest remaining safe when hunting for beautiful Chinese women to fall in love with. The Chinese mail-order brides you meet are just as excited and nervous as you are. You should strive to be yourself and connect personally with them. You never know where your love will take you if you do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to go on a Chinese love tour?

An Asian romance tour is a journey to one of the countries in Asia that is taken by one or more men in search of romantic opportunities. These dating tours allow you to fully immerse in another country’s culture and meet single women interested in marrying a foreigner.

Who oversees the organization of Asian romance tours in China?

Most of the time, international dating agencies like AFA organize Asian bride tours. These matchmaking agencies have many single women registered and know how to ensure everyone involved has a fantastic time.

What is the typical cost of going on one of these dating tours?

There are going to be two components to your costs. The first expense is the fee charged by the travel agency for organizing the occasion and assisting you in its execution; this can run several thousand dollars. The second expense is travel-related and ranges between $4,000 and $6,000. This covers things like plane tickets, hotel stays, and food.

Is it possible to find true love through a Chinese dating tour?

Participating in one of these Chinese matchmaking tours will allow you to learn about a new culture and have meaningful conversations with Thai women in an intimate setting, which frequently results in the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Is it safe to go on an Asian bride tour?

They are secure, but you must use a reputable travel agency to organize your dating trip.