Chinese girls and sex before marriage?

Do Chinese Girls have sex before marriage?

hot-lipsChinese women have become one of the hottest topics on the fetish list in many websites and many minds of men. For western men, Chinese women are the cute and attractive petite figures that love to have sex with them. But there is more to that. Chinese girls are brought up in a conservative manner and live with their parents until they get married. Even though the dating scene has become quite liberal these days, chinese families still have curfews for their daughters and sons. Since the only place they can move freely is their parent’s house, they make use of lonely public places and love hotels.

What are Love hotels?

love hotels in ChinaLove hotels are a particular theme of hotels that are designed specifically for couples that want to meet and have sex. Love hotels are used by both prostitutes for their clients genuine lovers who want to have a little bit of fun before marriage. These hotels are probably the best way they can secretly meet and have sex. The room rent for these love hotels are very cheap and with the amount of love hotels scattered over the popular cities, it has become very easy for couples to meet and have sex.

Western attraction

Western men that travel to china and western men that live in china for their work or studies are often sexually frustrated or too lonely. Either way, they want to have sex with a Chinese woman. But finding a chinese woman who is open minded becomes a huge task for him. This is mainly because chinese women prefer not to have sex with their partners till they get married and some of them strictly follow that rule. However, this rule is slowly losing its importance in the main cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

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Types of Chinese women

Since China is a large country with a huge population, it is not all that hard to find a chinese girl who likes you and wants to have sex with you. The reason why many western men don’t prefer chinese prostitutes is because prostitution is something dirty back in their home country and they are often judged for having sex with a prostitute. Also, there is the financial background to this. Prostitutes cost more money and men often feel that they are paying them to fake it. So it doesn’t really feel like much of an entertainment for western men. This is why they prefer to date and have sex.

If there was a list for the different type of chinese women, it would go like this:

  • Living western: With many girls getting out of their country for better education and a better standard of living, a lot of universities in America are filled with Chinese students. It is easy to spot them in Chinese bars and university clubs. If you are living in your home country, then you can google for the places where Chinese men and women hang out for a long time. When you approach them, chances are, she has adapted to the western culture and she is just as fine with one night stands like western women.
  • chinese-studentChinese Students: This applies specifically if you are living in China. If you are living in China, then it is easy for you to come across chinese school and college students. These students are more willing to experiment compared to the older females. Their curiosity makes them more open to sex and hence you can get to have sex with them pretty easily. Besides, Chinese women always feel that a chinese man’s expertise in sex is inadequate compared to a western man.
  • Home Grown: These are the chinese women that are very conservative and are raised strict by their parents. Most of the time, they are virgins and hence going around their conservativeness and breaking their shell takes a few weeks. You need to date them, get to know them and then discuss about sex. Chinese women always dream of an attractive western man as their boyfriend even though the eventually end up marrying an Asian man but it is definitely worth a try if marriage is not on your cards. However, if you do want to get married to a chinese girl then you need to be more soft with your behaviour towards them.
  • Prostitutes: There are chinese strippers and prostitutes that will sleep with you for cheap and affordable prices. But the best advice is to not screw with them. They are known to rip western men off their belongings and are also not very clean. Some of them are infected with HIV and even against a condom, you still have its risks. So why go through all this trouble for a night’s sex? It is simply easier to date chinese women, get to know them better and then have sex with them.

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