Why are western men so attracted to Asian women ?

Why so many men aspire to marry Asian women

Meet Asian Women and Girls for MarriageThe American Asian fantasy has been going on for a long time now and one can’t help but wonder what it is about them that make them so appealing. With Asian dating websites increasing with every passing hour, users getting to access dating communities from all over the world. From the looks of it, it all seems pretty fast. You just have to pay a small amount for subscription. The dating site you choose will then allow you to view profiles and contact potential future dates. And then you can chat, skype or call them and keep your communications going for a while like that. Later you can decide if you want to meet them personally for a date or just stop all ties with them.

Asian women are exotic and attractive in ways that a western or European woman cannot compete. For example, they have a slim frame and they look fragile, but they are incredibly strong. Besides, they have flexible bodies. Their skin is soft and supple, like a baby’s and their face looks innocent and naughty at the same time. Their eyes have a sparkle and smile in their own way. A Chinese woman can casually do the cute and flirty look as well as the smart and sexy look. Their thin legs and narrow hips are what makes western men go crazy, because they don’t have to cut back on sugars and carbs to achieve that body. They are naturally gifted with it.

Besides, there is a psychology about men. When they see a woman who is comparatively fragile in front on him, it stimulates him to take care of her and treat her in way that he treats a child. More like holding glass on his hand and dancing hip hop. American women are well built and most of them are obese. This makes most of them unattractive from a man’s point of view.

What is it about marriage?

Seeking Chinese Woman for Marriage ?Chinese women are always preferred more among Americans who want to date internationally. This is because of the immense differences in character between American and Asian women. For starters, you saw how their physique is different from each other. Similarly, they also have different tastes, different cultures and different approaches to a relationship. If you are young and want to experience what it is like to date internationally, then you are in for a real spin if you start with a chinese woman. Over the years, you will know what makes them special.

Chinese women are marriage centric. Most of them are virgins. They live with their parents and they are brought up in ways that teach them that marriage is more important than dating. With American woman it is always a constant struggle. Either all they want to do is get married or all they want to do is remain single and have meaningless sex with men. This is a huge frustration for American men because some of them constantly fall for women that don’t want to settle down with them.

Meet Beautiful Asian Women and Chat with Single Asian GirlsFear of commitment is something that is common among American women but it is something that Chinese women have never heard of. Their values about marriage make them adhere to their vows and stay loyal to their relationship. Besides, they sacrifice more when it comes to a marriage than how American woman does.

An American woman concentrates on her career and is focussed on what her career will be five years from now. A chinese woman thinks of ways to raise her family the right way five years from now. Chinese women have a strong liking to family and responsibilities than American women. Even though they have their own achievements in their jobs, they prefer to look after the family more.

Western Men Love Beautiful Chinese Women

Asian women seeking American men for MarriageSome people say that the whole concept of Western men falling for Asian women is because an Asian woman allows him to take advantage of her. She willingly surrenders herself, leaving room for the western man to dominate her and get his way in the relationship. This is not true. If all western men are looking for women so that they can dominate them, they don’t have to specifically look for a Chinese woman to do it. They can try and dominate any woman. Besides, Chinese women are not submissive or dominants. They stand for what they believe in.

A western man likes a Chinese woman because she is more understanding and focuses less on her life. Rather, she thinks about both of them and considers the needs of both of them because they are a couple. This sense of togetherness is more common in Chinese women and this is what makes western men like them more. We can’t blame someone for going after what they want right?

Meet Hot Chinese Women looking for Western Men
Meet Hot Chinese Women looking for Western Men

Chinese girls and sex before marriage?

Do Chinese Girls have sex before marriage?

hot-lipsChinese women have become one of the hottest topics on the fetish list in many websites and many minds of men. For western men, Chinese women are the cute and attractive petite figures that love to have sex with them. But there is more to that. Chinese girls are brought up in a conservative manner and live with their parents until they get married. Even though the dating scene has become quite liberal these days, chinese families still have curfews for their daughters and sons. Since the only place they can move freely is their parent’s house, they make use of lonely public places and love hotels.

What are Love hotels?

love hotels in ChinaLove hotels are a particular theme of hotels that are designed specifically for couples that want to meet and have sex. Love hotels are used by both prostitutes for their clients genuine lovers who want to have a little bit of fun before marriage. These hotels are probably the best way they can secretly meet and have sex. The room rent for these love hotels are very cheap and with the amount of love hotels scattered over the popular cities, it has become very easy for couples to meet and have sex.

Western attraction

Western men that travel to china and western men that live in china for their work or studies are often sexually frustrated or too lonely. Either way, they want to have sex with a Chinese woman. But finding a chinese woman who is open minded becomes a huge task for him. This is mainly because chinese women prefer not to have sex with their partners till they get married and some of them strictly follow that rule. However, this rule is slowly losing its importance in the main cities of Beijing and Shanghai.


Types of Chinese women

Since China is a large country with a huge population, it is not all that hard to find a chinese girl who likes you and wants to have sex with you. The reason why many western men don’t prefer chinese prostitutes is because prostitution is something dirty back in their home country and they are often judged for having sex with a prostitute. Also, there is the financial background to this. Prostitutes cost more money and men often feel that they are paying them to fake it. So it doesn’t really feel like much of an entertainment for western men. This is why they prefer to date and have sex.

If there was a list for the different type of chinese women, it would go like this:

  • Living western: With many girls getting out of their country for better education and a better standard of living, a lot of universities in America are filled with Chinese students. It is easy to spot them in Chinese bars and university clubs. If you are living in your home country, then you can google for the places where Chinese men and women hang out for a long time. When you approach them, chances are, she has adapted to the western culture and she is just as fine with one night stands like western women.
  • chinese-studentChinese Students: This applies specifically if you are living in China. If you are living in China, then it is easy for you to come across chinese school and college students. These students are more willing to experiment compared to the older females. Their curiosity makes them more open to sex and hence you can get to have sex with them pretty easily. Besides, Chinese women always feel that a chinese man’s expertise in sex is inadequate compared to a western man.
  • Home Grown: These are the chinese women that are very conservative and are raised strict by their parents. Most of the time, they are virgins and hence going around their conservativeness and breaking their shell takes a few weeks. You need to date them, get to know them and then discuss about sex. Chinese women always dream of an attractive western man as their boyfriend even though the eventually end up marrying an Asian man but it is definitely worth a try if marriage is not on your cards. However, if you do want to get married to a chinese girl then you need to be more soft with your behaviour towards them.
  • Prostitutes: There are chinese strippers and prostitutes that will sleep with you for cheap and affordable prices. But the best advice is to not screw with them. They are known to rip western men off their belongings and are also not very clean. Some of them are infected with HIV and even against a condom, you still have its risks. So why go through all this trouble for a night’s sex? It is simply easier to date chinese women, get to know them better and then have sex with them.

Asian dating – Meet Hot Chinese Girls – Find beautiful Asian brides online

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Girls of Thailand make good girlfriends

Thai girls make great girlfriends

Thailand Brides - Find Beautiful Thai Girls for MarriageIn the last few years, the number of western men in a relationship with Thai women has significantly increased. Why? Because international dating has become a trend and more than that, western men are willing to put themselves out there, really out there, to meet their significant others. Due to this, the number of online dating sites for western men seeking Thai women has increased. But what is the connection between international dating and a lot of men seeking Thai women in particular? What is it about them that make them so popular that western men just can’t get enough of?

The reason is pretty simple. Thai women have a lot of differences between themselves and western women and to western men seeking Thai girlfriends and thai women for marriage, this “difference” makes a great deal of change to their relationship and their happiness. Thai women have different beliefs and different attitude compared to western women. They think more about their “family” than their careers. Besides, Thai women are generally open to falling in love no matter how old or young her significant other is. They are sensible and smart and you will realize that once you start talking to her.

She is Feminine

Photos Of Thai GirlsAmong all the reasons that make Thai women attractive for western men, this is the number one reason. Thai women are more lady like in comparison to western women. A western woman likes to project herself as bold and confident, sometimes a lot stronger in personality than many men. Men generally find strong women as something that puts their confidence to test. Hence the number of takers for a strong and independent woman, who puts herself first is something low, compared to men who want a relationship with a girl that makes them feel important.

Thai women are glad to play the role of a damsel in distress. There are a lot of Thai women that work independently and support themselves and their family. But even these independent women are not someone who will become cold towards you once you start interfering with their career directly or indirectly. They love dressing up to please their men and their clothing ideas are flirtations and cute rather than confident, bold and sexy. Their child like naughtiness is something that many westerners admire.

You are the king in your relationship

relationship-thaiThat’s right. You will be the king in your relationship. Your thai woman can be equally participating in the relationship, but eventually, it is you that makes all the decisions for the two of you. Even if it is the smallest topic about where to go for dinner or which café to hang out for the evening, you are the only person who gets a say in it. Thai women like it when men take point of everything. They like it when men behave like the alphas in the relationship and they are more than just happy following their lead.

In western countries, spending time together is a great difficulty because your western girlfriend has her own “priorities” and even when the two of you want to hang out together, she will insist on picking a place or at least having a say in it. Call it equality but sometimes, western women push it to the point that the whole date is focussed on how well their decision was rather than spending some quality time together.

High Optimism

thai-girls-for-datingThai women are so optimism that it will get stuck to you at some point. They literally smile most of the time and you will be amazed to see how different it makes your whole day. Even if you are having ten bad days in a row, a Thai woman will stay by your side to look after you. She will want to make sure that you have had everything that you will need to make it through the day and the next. She cares for you and hopes that her optimism and positive approach will help you too.

Western women on the other hand can’t handle men cribbing about anything while they can go on for hours and days and weeks talking about the same thing. When a man wants to vent, it is mostly because he wants to make himself feel alright. So when a Thai woman is available by his side to fill him up with happiness, she ultimately becomes the best Thai girlfriend ever.

Marriage is on the cards

Her family goals and future expectations are something that she would want her man to know. When you throw the word marriage in your relationship, a pricey ceremony and expensive flowers doesn’t matter to her. What matters to her is the fact that she will be creating a family with you, have a safe and warm home and will raise her kids right.

Meet the most beautiful Thai women. Thai brides. Hundreds of photos and profiles of Thai women seeking romance, love and marriage from Thailand.

Chongqing women for marriage

Meet beautiful Chinese women from Chongqing

Chongqing Women for MarriageIf you want to know where all the beautiful women of china are hiding, the answer is Chongqing. Have doubts about this? Feel free to ask any locals and they will all give the same answer. Chinese women are beautiful in their own way and among all the other Asians, Chinese women have the best features. They have the most brilliant smiles and one cannot stop looking into their eyes. Due to this reason, many western men seek chinese women for marriage and often end up marrying beautiful chinese girls from mail order websites. Some of them have been leading pretty good lives but there are others who did not feel compatible with their relationship.

If you are visiting China and looking forward to dating women from China then Chongqing can be a good place for starters. You can see a wide number of women, each unique in their own way, beautiful and goddess like, walking down the street. In Beijing and Shanghai this sight is not all that common. The reason why Chongqing has beautiful women from China can be because of the humidity in the air. Maybe the difference makes their hair and skin look better than that of the rest of China.

The whole terrain is mountain based; meaning people from Chongqing have to walk up and down on slopes. This can explain why they have such killer legs and lean legs to die for. Besides, the women in Chongqing have really soft and glowing skin compared to the rest of the areas in China. So if you are looking forward to meeting a beautiful woman in China, you can always start from Chongqing.

How to approach Chinese women?

Chongqing bridesNow, as a westerner, there are pretty good things that you can do to make sure that your chinese woman has her eyes set on you. For this, you can play two different cards. First, you can play the brave and confident traveller card and the second, you can play the dumb and lost traveller part. Both are good ideas, but out of personal experience, many men opted for the latter.

If you are lost and you can speak basic English (according to them) then you can always find your way back home. If you ask for directions to Chinese women, then they will be more than just glad to help you. Approach her just like how you would approach a western woman. When you are in china you need to brush up on the basics of speaking fluently in chinese. This way, even if your girlfriend can’t speak English, you can always help her out with talking to you.

If you see her in a departmental store, help her reach the top shelf. If you see her at a bar or a café, casually introduce yourself and start talking. Remember, you don’t have to brag about how well your business is doing because quite frankly, you chinese date couldn’t care much about it. Expect for when she wants to marry you. Chinese women are often in groups. This makes it hard to isolate them. The very possibility of wanting to make love to a chinese woman can be both excruciating and exciting.

Do Chinese women have sex?

sexSure they do, why not? Everyone around the world has become increasingly sexual and there are a lot of teenagers that are active sexually. So it should come as no surprise that most of the sexperts in china are school and college kids. These women opt for western men compared to chinese men mainly because of the size of their genitalia. All chinese women enlighten themselves through the experiences of a friend or by watching porn. So they always believe that sex is exactly like how it is in the TV shows and movies she watches.

Chinese women can be very demanding when it comes to sex. Translating that to simpler words, it means that Chinese women have extremely crazy libidos and it is challenging to satisfy them.

How to satisfy a Chinese woman?

Date Beautiful Chinese Women‎Well it is pretty easy. You only have to listen to one thing here- think about her satisfaction first before yours. If you satisfy a Chinese woman, she will do anything to make sure the same satisfaction has been reciprocated from her side. So if she wants to satisfy you by giving you massages etc. you should know that you have scored pretty well in sex with her.

Beautiful Chinese women are a vision when you put sex in the equation. They are literal bomb shells and for all you know, you could be impregnating your future wife. That being said, never shoo them off deliberately from your place. If you are at a love hotel, never ditch her suddenly. Treat her well even if you are not going to stick around for more than a week.

Women from Asia make Great Wives – Asian Brides

Asian Brides make perfect wives

Chinese Brides, China Brides, Chinese Wives, Mail Order BridesThe craze about Asian women is something that is an American invented affair. While some American men fall for an Asian woman without any intentions of doing so specifically, others just narrow their search and look for their soul mate among Asian women. No matter what the reason is, the one thing that has been proved time and again is that Asian brides make perfect wives. Dating them can give you an insight about what they really are. It gives you time to understand what the woman you are dating is about. Also it gives you time to analyse if she is the one for you.

There are two reasons why western men marry Asian women. One is the unconscious reason where they actually fall in love without any planning, with an Asian woman. The other one is the planned proposal who has deliberately been looking for an Asian wife.

If it is the latter, here is some closure about why that is true: Western men who get sick of the western women in their lives and their clichéd relationship fails tend to think that with a difference in ethnicity, they are likely to have a better dating life. This is partly true. There are concepts such as mail order brides which are basically dating services that hook you up with foreign brides.

Why Asian women make perfect wives ?

Asian Mail Order Brides are looking for a man like You.Western men are used to the fact that their fellow female companions always feel the need to be independent and end up getting the bigger share in a relationship. Many men seek Asian women for marriage because they are anything but western women. While many Asian women are becoming more “western” there are still a few that hold on to their deeply instilled Asian values and ethics. Apart from being exotic and beautiful, a different kind of beautiful, these women have a lot more that attract western men to them.

  • Asian women are family oriented. They focus on what is the best for their family. When they are in a relationship with a western man, they always have the answer to the question about where the relationship is heading to. An Asian woman does not pressure you into getting serious with her. She is easy going and understanding, a trait that is pretty rare to find these days. With their values, they make the best wives because they are capable of raising a family without causing disruptions to it at any cost.
  • Asian women like to cook and clean. While many women find this offensive in the western countries, Asian women love to cook and clean up. Sure, they wouldn’t mind their partner doing it for them. But they never start arguments about household chores. They care about a cosy and comfortable home and hence, they do what it takes to make a home feel like the place where their relationship belongs. Imagine coming home to a beautiful bride waiting to serve your favourite dinner!
  • Asian ladies leave the decision making to the men. Now this is pretty tricky with American women. They want to have a say in everything that happens in their life and relationships. It is a good thing. But Asian women leave the responsibility to their men, to do the needful and make wise decisions. If you are taking your Asian girlfriend on a date, you can pick two restaurants and ask her to pick one. She will be delighted to do so. On the other hand, Asian women like men that take point all the time. Must be something of a turn on! Either way, it is a win-win situation here.

Asian women love foreign men

Meet gorgeous Asian Girls.These are some of the very few reasons that make them attractive and more marriage material. A western man looking forward to settling down feels assured that he is doing the right thing when his partner is thinking about the same future as he is.

Meet Real Asian Brides at Asia Brides

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Asian Brides is a trusted International dating site specifically for international men who are honestly looking to develop a relationship that embodies romance, love and perhaps marriage with an Asian woman.

Exotic Chinese mail order brides want you

Chinese Women for Marriage

Hot Chinese Brides - Chinese Women for Dating & MarriageThere are many international dating websites that speak high about the traits of Chinese women that make them so perfect for marriage. Also, if you notice properly, there are a lot of Chinese women that are married and happy with American men. One of the main reasons behind this is migration. Chinese women are migrating to the United States in search of better opportunities and experiences. Some of them settle down and go on to live the American life. Nonetheless, these women are flawless, no matter what ethnicity they choose to follow no matter where they are.

Chinese women can easily attract any man, mainly because of their distinct features. Besides, their brilliant smile is yet another reason to keep them with you forever; you need that kind of positivity in your life. Here is what makes them so awesome that you just can’t help putting a ring on them:

Chinese Beauty with brains

Meet the most beautiful Chinese women. Chinese brides. Hundreds of photos and profiles of women seeking romance, love and marriage.Chinese women are often slim and maintain their svelte figures. They are pretty to the eyes and prettier to our minds. A simple conversation with a Chinese woman will tell you everything you need to know about dating her. They are talented in the office, but they have no attitude whatsoever even if they have better paying jobs compared to you.
They don’t let their beauty get in the way of anything. While they appreciate complements, they don’t expect them all the time like most of the women in western countries. They have the clarity to think and make wise decisions, even if it comes to dating you.

Chinese women are Kind and Loving

chinese-brides-for-marriageThey are one of the few women that are harmless and rarely angry. They are kind and generous. They love from the heart and live from the soul. Their aura of positivity is in itself a reason to marry them. Western men have found great bliss dating Chinese women and much greater bliss in spending the rest of their lives with them.

Dating Chinese women is an adventure

china womenWhen you are in the beginning of your dating life, everything is a challenge. First, you try to understand them as person. Then you try to understand them from the cultural differences that you have. You get to experience different cultures and a Chinese woman is always glad to show you what it is like to be a Chinese. While you are bragging about the American living, she shares her vision of a perfect Chinese life with you.

Many mixed couples have created an in between category, the best of two worlds and continue to live that adventure with their partners.


Being American doesn’t only include pizzas on almost every other day, but also includes enjoying the once in a while, soul quenching Chinese take outs. These women love cooking for their partners and imagine eating a different flavour every single day. If your wife is a Chinese woman living in America, then it is an added advantage to you because not only can you enjoy American delights, you can also indulge in Chinese cuisine.

Where to look for Chinese Brides

Dating Women from China - Make your Asian Dreams Come True‎The concept of mail order brides or online dating is not new. You don’t have to visit China to meet a woman that is beautiful and loving, to marry her. With many Chinese women already living in the United States, meeting them is easier than ever. Approach them with how you would approach any other girl in your city. But remember that this woman is of Chinese origin, meaning she will not throw tantrums when you ask her name. She is kind and engages in conversations that are genuine. Next time you see a Chinese woman; always remember that true feelings will get the best out of them.

Marrying a Filipina woman ?

Marry a Filipino Girl ?

Philippine women - dating women from the PhilippinesDating a Filipina woman ? Why not? Unless you are a secret racist, there is no reason for not dating a Filipina. Women from Philippines are everything that an American man searches for his whole life until he meets his wife. Foreign brides are increasing in the U.S and it is becoming a very normal practice to date someone from another country. To get it straight, Philippines women are kind, loving and caring. They are family oriented. And why is that good?

Filipina woman and Family

You don’t really find a lot of family oriented women in western countries. That is because they are consumed with the idea of independence and financial stability of themselves. They are consumed with ideas about their future and their careers. Filipinos on the other hand think of their family as a part of them. They never make any decisions on their own.

filipino-familyThis might sound a little submissive, but the truth is, Filipino women understand that there are two people in a relationship and that each one needs to do their fair share to make the relationship work. When something goes wrong, they are willing to fix it, because Filipino women are raised in a society where they are judged and frowned upon if they are divorced or separated. This is because their values teach them that marriage is a sacred bond. And as a result, they take relationships pretty seriously.

Philippine women speak English

filipinabridesInternational dating is fun. You get to learn a lot of things, experience different moments and basically know more about yourself. You know what you want and what you don’t when you are out there. But being with a girlfriend who is not from the same country as you can be quite challenging especially when you want to exchange communication on a regular basis. Worry not.
Most of the women from Philippines speak fluent English as they are taught in school. Even otherwise, Filipinos speak English that is understandable and once you get talking to them, you will know that it is slowly helping them improve. They have an accent that is beautiful compared to a lot of Asian countries. Besides, they watch TV shows from the west, enabling them to understand English better.

Philippine women are more than a pretty face

pretty-faceThat’s right. Their beauty is something that western men find flawless. They always have just the right amount of tan in their petite body, dark eyes and hair colours often contrasting their skin tone. Everything about them screams beautiful. But they do have a lot more than just that. A Filipino woman will help you understand your full potential because she will not be the girlfriend that constantly undermines you. She will not be the partner that is always absorbed in her independent life.
She deeply cares for you and with that kind of care, she provides you the best family you could have ever asked for. Couples in western countries part ways mainly because their partner is not affectionate towards them anymore. As days progress, everything about you has changed for your partner and this starts burying your relationship. But with a Filipino woman, you are sure to be loved and taken care of everyday. That is just how they are. They always look out for you. This trait is what makes relationships successful.

Age doesn’t matter for Filipinas

old-men-mixed-marriageWhile women from western countries find it gross to be dating or marrying a man that is older than them, Filipinos see something different about these men that make them want to get married to them. All they see is the stability and maturity that comes with them. A Filipino woman always has the ability to understand things better, thanks to her deep rooted values.

All these are wonderful reasons to marry a Filipino woman. Get started today and sign up for Asian dating sites. You are just about to meet the love of your life.

Meet beautiful Asian Brides Online – Chinese brides

What is AsianBridesOnline.com ?

Asian Brides, Beautiful Asian Brides, Online asian brides, Asian Singles for men looking for beautiful Asian BridesA warm welcome to AsianBridesOnline.com which offers you Asian women dating and there also various other personal services which will help you find single Chinese, Thai and Filipino women and as a result you can meet a Asian woman and make her the love of your live. To find Asian women never has been easier since AsianBridesOnline.com. There will be many Asian, Chinese women personals and their photos and again there is a very well established women chat. Many Chinese women all over China are looking for the experience of dating and the purpose can be served at its best through this Asian women dating website. Therefore, your love for single Asian women and Chinese girls can be showcased in this website and you can meet them for dating, romance or even marriage.

Why should you choose a Chinese woman as a bride ?

Chinese bridesIt is a fact that women from China are much known for their charm, loyalty, grace and the beauty. The sweet nature and the shyness in their smiles is an added quality. Most western men find the inner beauty of the Chinese women irresistible. Their nature is very prone to being highly family oriented, devoted and resourceful. It is also a known fact that English is one of the official languages of China and so the communication can go quite smooth.

Easiest way for dating Chinese women is through AsianBridesOnline.com :

Dating Chinese women is highly simple through, fun and less time consuming at AsianBridesOnline.com. The website is offering a dating service for Chinese women to meet foreign men from America, Canada and Europe. If you are a man who is looking for Chinese women to chat, Chinese women personals, dating, love etc then put a stop to your search from now on, since the possibilities of so is now endless with dating Chinese women through this website. You can experience the best Chinese women dating now!

1000s of Beautiful Chinese WomenIf you are in dreams for a very ideal Chinese bride then do not worry any further. This is because this website consists of thousands of Chinese women who are eagerly in wait to be your Chinese bride. The specialty of Chinese women dating are the Chinese brides and this matchmaking site will serve your purpose at it’s best. The main aim of this dating site is to bring single Chinese women and Chinese girls together with those single men who are in search to meet their long awaited Chinese brides and make them their Chinese wife. All the women featured on this site are beautiful and are marriage minded as well. These Chinese women are seeking men from the West for dating and chat. They are also looking for love and marriage. You can easily find the perfect Chinese bride for you from a wide database featured in the website providing many Chinese women personals, single Asian girls and dating with Chinese ladies which is the specialty of this website.

Enjoy the perks provided by this site for Chinese dating

Meet thousands of beautiful single women online seeking men for dating, love, marriage in China.This website is one of the best as a Chinese dating site for those men who are interested in seeking a Chinese wife or a Chinese bride. This website is not a Chinese mail order service and it does not offer Chinese mail order brides. But this site is featuring many women who are highly marriage minded and is dreaming to be the wife of somebody interested. This website will help you date the most perfect and the suitable Chinese women and ladies. You can engage yourself in long term relationships or even marriage with these Chinese women and girls. Therefore without any further delay get on the work of dating with the help of this website and find your beautiful Chinese wife today!

AsianBridesOnline.com is the best Chinese women dating service which is aimed at clubbing all the Chinese women into one central location and you can reach the most suitable one for you with the help of the interactive chat rooms. You start chat, dating, friends and you can also start with marriage possibilities which are available on this site. There are weekly updates of the profiles and the news feed and you can be in constant touch with these women. As a matter of fact there are many members on this site who have found their perfect match and are happy with their story that started from here.

As you are at AsianBridesOnline.com which deals with dating Chinese women and is specialized to bring together the most beautiful and single Chinese women from all over the world. So guys if you are looking for Chinese women and Chinese girls seeking men then without any hesitation join this website asap and enjoy the best at dating. Enjoy the benefits like Chinese women dating and as a result this dating can lead you to get yourself a beautiful Chinese bride.

Best Chinese Women Dating‎

Chinese mail order brides

How much does it cost to buy a Chinese mail order bride ?

chinese brides for saleThere are quite a few cost factors to be considered for finding a Chinese bride from China. If you are looking at finding love in Asia, it is necessary to do some serious number-crunching before you think about it seriously.

Let us look at the major costs that you shall incur when you decide to find a Chinese mail order bride:

  • Hotel Expenses
  • Flight expenses
  • Dating Expenses
  • Visa Expenses
  • Marriage Expenses
  • Miscellaneous costs

Hotel Expenses:  Hotels in China can be classified into three groups largely:

  1. Top Class
  2. Business Hotels
  3. Basic Hotels
  • Top Class: These hotels are basically the 5-star places that are full of world class amenities and are run by the best Hotel chains of the world. People from all around the world love these exclusive places and is frequented by all those who are able to afford their prices.
  • Business Hotels: Rated between 3 and 4 stars, Business Hotels are your best bet when you visit China for your Chinese Mail Order Bride. High-grade amenities and moderate prices are the best attractions of such hotel and you can surely impress your date for the evening by its lavish amenities.
  • Basic Hotels: This is the lowest level and suggest you do not look at these since they are infested with the hookers and prostitutes and you surely would not want to take your dating partner back to this place.


It is a great idea to check the various hotel booking sites or aggregators so that you can compare hotel rates and book as per your budget as you will have other expenses as mentioned above.

china-airlines-travelFlight Expenses: The maximum amount is spent on the travelling expenses that include the flight tickets and this is where you have to really explore options with Chinese Mail Order Bride expenses. If you are a resident of the Western world, especially Europe, US or Canada, then these costs could cut a huge hole in your expense pocket. Make sure you do not plan this trip during Christmas or New Year as the flight ticket prices really touch the top dollar, so choose a non-season time and save a substantial amount of money. The Gulf or Middle East Airlines are great money savers too.

heartsDating site costs: When you decide to explore the options for Chinese Mail Order Brides, the Dating site costs also have to be considered as they are going to be your lifeline in this case. Try to scan the web and eliminate the scamsters and con artists on the websites. This will save you a lot of heartburn and you can sail smoothly towards your dating companion from China.

  • At Asian Brides : Platinum Members are allowed to request 100 virtual e-mail addresses each month. There is a one time fee of 95 USD to become a Platinum Member and then it’s 29 USD a month.

Visa Expenses: Your Chinese Mail order Bride is going to cost you some serious money if you are planning to bring her to your home country as Visa expenses are pretty steep. For example the UK visa costs a huge sum if your fiancé is planning to accompany you back from China. Also all the documents need to be in place as this could take time and money and you surely do not want to delay the best times of your life.

china-brideMarriage Expenses: Now that you have made the decision to go ahead and spend the rest of your life with the Chinese Mail Order Brides, please factor in the marriage expenses like wedding gowns, wedding ceremony, etc. Maybe your bride can rent the wedding gown instead of purchasing the same outright.

Miscellaneous expenses: Your Chinese mail order brides family may want to accompany you to your country and this could incur a substantial expense. Also your bride’s stuff like memorabilia, dresses and personal effects could be huge and you may need to ship them. These costs also need to be considered.

Chinese women for marriage

Dating Chinese Girls

Russian women seeking foreign men for marriage

Dating Russian women

Russian girls and women seeking foreign men.According to the Russian woman, “Beauty is power and respect”. Looking good is not the passion for Russian girls, it’s their necessity. So, it is not unusual for the men from different parts of the world wanting to date the beautiful Russian girls. They sometimes travel to Russia with the hope of dating these beautiful Russian women. The women of Russia are also not unwilling to date these foreign men. Sometimes they themselves search for the single eligible foreign men to date.

Unlike the women of Russia, the men of Russia do not hold the good reputation.  They are accused of being alcoholic and sometimes violent. So, when it comes to searching for a suitable date, a single foreign man is held high in the list of the eligible bachelor for the Russian women.

While you are set to date a Russian woman, remember they are quite different from the western men. The dating rules you have followed so far may not be useful while you are dating a Russian woman. Russian women hold the view of love, life, family somewhat different from the women of the west. So, if you are planning to date a Russian girl, you may need to know a few things about Russian girl.

About Russian girls – What are Russian women like ?

The beauty of Russian girls is a perfect mix of East and west. They prefer the colors like rich gold, silver, red etc which are inspired by the east and they are obsessed with the fur coats. The Russian girls are beautiful and they know it. The main fact is Russian girls enjoy being beautiful.  So, if you are hooked with the near perfect beauty of your Russian girl, do tell her so. Also, don’t forget to remind her every day how beautiful she really is.

Nature and beliefs of Russian women

Nature wise, a Russian girl is warm and hospitable. The priority of Russian girls is always their family. They can look like the supermodels, but when it comes to the way of choosing somebody to date, their view is strictly traditional. For the permanent fixture of their life, they are looking for a man who is serious about love and life. Dating a Russian woman is not recommended if you are looking for just good time. If a Russian girl has chosen somebody to love, they just believe that the relationship is forever. They can be beautiful, but they are also fiercely loyal. So, they will expect the same from you. The majority of Russian Girls still believe in this traditional view of family and life. Remember, when you are choosing a Russian girl to date, don’t portray the modern and reckless view of life, even if you believe it.

What Russian women like about foreign men

The traditional view of a Russian family is the man of the family as the provider, and the women of the family as the homemaker devoted in the taking care of her husband, kids. So, when a Russian girl is choosing some men to date, some specific attributes of yours can impress her most.

  1. Russian girls like chivalry. Act like a perfect gentleman like pulling out her chair, or opening the car door and offering your hand and you are all set to win the heart of your Russian girl.
  2. Russian girls like the men who know their own mind. They like assertiveness in men. If you take the small decisions like choosing the restaurants, desserts you will be having, your Russian girl won’t mind.
  3. Russian girls are also very passionate and romantic. To charm a Russian girl, heart and flower always work.
  4. Although they prefer traditional men, they like men who support and respect the choices his girl.

The strong yet very feminine beauties of Russia are the perfect examples of the “Girl Power”, which can rule the whole world. If you really want a chance with these strong and beautiful girls of this world, the main key is to be charming and honest.

Russian Brides - Mail order brides from Russia